AT THE PEST STORE, our staff is dedicated to sharing cost-effective techniques and control programs for pest prevention, do-it-yourself technology, Green and Eco-friendly products and equipment for your home and business. Our programs are designed to maximize your own skills and abilities to solve pest invasions.

The basis of any quality prevention program can be achieved through a thorough analysis of internal and external pest behavior. Working with our consultants in a collaborative effort creates a personalized approach that assures success. Call or stop by to start your program today: 9530 Aurora Avenue N. Seattle, WA 98103. Entrance and parking is in the back

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What We Do


THE PEST STORE introduces the Northwest 's first GREEN RODENT CONTROL program. By utilizing biochemistry based, metabolic methods that flow naturally within a rodent's metabolism coupled with our non-toxic equipment you can begin to eliminate and control rodents. 

Our programs are designed to protect non-target species, wildlife and pets.  You can be assured that you are protecting the environment and your home or business.


How do I get started?

Simply call or visit our office you may also email your question by filling out Contact Form.  You may bring you specimens into our office you can also mail your specimen to our office please include your contact information in the mailer alone with payment of $45 dollar for the pest identification. All specimens must be whole and identifiable. Old vitamin bottles works best. Do not crush the specimen. Please be sure to send or bring in 5-10 specimens.

Once we have received your sample we will carefully analyze them. Then we are in position to help you solve your pest control problem. Our staff will begin to teach you control methods that include biology, habitat, treatment techniques, harborage reduction and application training.

Bed Bug Training & Education


 Since 2001 bed bugs have been on the rise.  Populations are up 400% and continue to spread across the United States and abroad.  They are a major concern for transportation, hotels, motels, hostels, shelters, hospitals and even in homes.


THE PEST STORE has helped hundreds of home owners and business clients eliminate and control bed bugs and we look forward to helping you.

Our educational programs include onsite trainings for how to inspect and treat bed bug infestions.  They can also include:

1. Have your bed bugs identified

2. Tips for proactive and preventative control

3. Learn how to protect yourself while traveling.

4. Discover why bed bugs bite & feed.

5.  Learn how to save your mattress.



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We teach you pest biology, pest behavior, and pest control techniques that the professionals use to solve pest problems. First, our team of taxonomists will identify your pest. Once the culprit is identified, the  specific biology, breeding sites, harborage, nesting sites and reproductive habits of the pest are used to establish a pest control plan.

Our products are all professional grade and EPA registered. We have green products. botanical products, and natural & organic products to help you solve your pest problem.



 Our Signature Green Pest Control Service Standard’s innovative Green Pest Management program has been carefully designed for our sensitive accounts and those who may prefer a reduced risk approach to pest management.





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